About Us

Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre is a multi disciplinary rehab centre established in 3rd August 2007 formerly known as Holistic Rehabilitation Centre . We incorporate physical methods to treat the conditions. Our clinic are equipped with latest technologies in healing and rehabilitation to ensure that you get the best care .Our choice of equipments and their quality make a difference on outcome of result. We have good team to help you in various aspects of your health. Our staff are well trained and goes on up gradation of skill periodically.

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Advice to Patients

• Bring any X-ray, MRI
• Blood Reports
• Should wear loose clothes for proper examination
• Don't wait until your condition gets really bad before getting treatment. You can get better much quicker if you get treatment earlier

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Our Advantages

Therapy Goals
We work holistically: Our aim is to help you to overcome your health issues and maintain good health so that you can enjoy each day with vitality.
Comfortable Clinic
Our integrated multi therapy approach enables us to take a holistic view of patient needs and provide outcome based treatment.
Experience Staff
Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique
Friendly packages for long term treatments.
Options to pay through cash, card or online with insurance re-imbursement friendly billing.